Saturday, 29 October 2016

Constantly Improving - Gail Weingast MD

While it is a good thing to prepare yourself for a medical degree, it is also important to always be improving your practice. One cannot simply rest on their established knowledge, especially not in the field of medicine as it is a constantly improving and changing industry. Gail Weingast MD has consistently worked to improve her medical practicing skills over her twenty plus years career. She now works as the Chief of Ultrasound, and Chief of Breast imaging at the William W. Backus Hospital in Norwich, Connecticut. This position was well earned from her years of service.

Prior to this prestigious position, she received a wide variety of education and career experience. Her education started with earning her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Spanish in 1969 from Tufts University, Jackson College, Medford, MA. She then went on to earn her Degree in Medicine in 1976 from Boston University’s School of Medicine in Boston, MA.

After finishing her education, she began her residencies. She worked at a variety of hospitals in Colorado as well as New York developing her skills better during that time. Gail Weingast MD prides herself on always working to improve her skills and practice for both her patients and the employees that she oversees daily. She enjoys helping people with the knowledge and practice that she has earned and continues to better her skills daily.